Why your oral care even matters?

A general concept that prevails in our society is that only the people with dental issues need oral care and oral health. We believe if a person is hosting some dental implants or all on four dental implants or any other dental treatment, he needs to take care of the health of his mouth. This concept is wrong as every person needs oral care and hygiene equally. Just like any other part of the body, the oral care is also important. As all the food that reaches you gut passes through your mouth. The healthier the mouth will be, the better will be your chances to stay healthy.

Apart from just keeping your gums and teeth happy and healthy, the oral care effects many another thing in you that you would be surprised to know. Let us walk you through these fascinating things about the oral care that is sure going to make you brush your teeth right now!

  1. We do not want to scare you, but the studies from the latest surveys have revealed that the people who have healthier mouths have fewer chances of heart attack compared to those who are suffering from some periodontal disease. The heart attacks for the patients with periodontal diseases often become fatal, so it is important to take care of your mouth as heart links directly to it.
  2. A healthy mouth can do a lot of things that you can’t even imagine. Studies have revealed that the pregnant women with periodontal diseases suffer from various health issues during pregnancy and at the time of delivery. It was found that the women with oral health issues produce pre term babies and the babies with less birth weight. So keep your mouth healthy if you wish to spend a good pregnancy.
  3. Till now we knew that the diabetes is responsible for several gum diseases, but the latest studies in Canada have revealed that the link between diabetes and gum diseases works two way. Not only is diabetes responsible for gum disease, but it also goes vice versa as well. Since the rate of the people with diabetes is rising every passing day, it is essential to take care of your teeth today.
  4. When you pay attention to your oral care, you visit the dentist for the checkups on a regular basis, this gives you a chance to get any serious issues diagnosed in early stages. According to the dentists, many people who regularly visit the clinic get their oral cancer diagnosed before it’s too late for the recovery.
  5. The surprising benefit of oral care is in weight loss as well. It’s more a psychological thing as it helps you in portion control by signaling the brain that the dinner has finished. So when you have had your healthy meal, rush to the washroom and brush your teeth, so you feel that you are good to sleep and forget about dessert.

So start the oral care and say good bye to dental implants and all on four dental implants.